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Our Team


Ole Jorgensen


MMath Mathematics

Ole is one half of the Co-President Duo at EA St Andrews. He's interested in animal welfare, artificial intelligence, longtermism, community building, and empowering enthusiastic people who want to improve the world. In his spare time he likes to play and watch sport of all kinds, and has started playing poker (it's not going well). Feel free to reach out to him for a chat about anything EA, or if you just want to say hello!


Ana Časar


MSc Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

Ana is the other half of the Co-President Duo, who’s passionate about climate change and animal welfare. She wants to encourage anyone and everyone to consider how they can carve an impactful career path, and continuously learn about themselves and the world. While Physics and Math take up most of her time, she enjoys going on long walks, preferably with a dog (any dog). Don’t hesitate to message her about EA, uni or anything else.


Hanna Pálya


BSc Biology and Philosophy


Michael Dodds

Executive committee member

BSc (Hons) Biochemistry

Michael is a biochemistry student with an interest in biosecurity as a cause area. He is currently working on developing his JavaScript skills, which brings him great joy and great frustration at the same time. He hopes to use his degree, terrible coding, and career to help reduce the chance of GCBR's (Global Catastrophic Biological Risks).


Eirini Vryza

Executive committee member

BSc English and Philosophy


Conor Sinnott

Executive committee member

MA (Hons) English

Conor is a member of the Executive Committee at EA. He is most concerned with the numerous and interconnected causes and effects of the climate crisis. He is also concerned with questions around how to motivate people to act ethically. More recently, he has been interested in the importance of animals and ecosystems in matters of global politics and public health, especially that of horseshoe crabs. Other than that, in his spare time he enjoys walking, writing and caramelising onions.


Charlotte Howard

Executive committee member

MA (Hons) Philosophy 

Charlotte was introduced to Effective Altruism St Andrews through SPEAK, taking particular interest in cause areas including the climate crisis and global health. In her free time, she enjoys knitting, rowing, admiring the North Sea, and waving at sheep. 


Adam Binks

Executive committee member

PhD Computer Science

Adam is one of our mentors. In his research, he's building tools to help people improve their decision making,  with a focus on forecasting. He's also interested in rationality, community building, board games and philosophy.


Holly Muir

Executive committee member

MLitt Philosophy

Holly is a philosophy student excited about exploring the limits of moral obligation. They are funded by Open Philanthropy to pursue research into longtermism and have helped to run - a site dedicated to providing free, evidence-based tools for critical thinking and mental wellbeing - since November 2018. Holly got involved in EA as an undergraduate at Oxford and now supports the group in St Andrews to run events, reading groups, and welcome more people into this amazing community. 


Anson Ho

Website designer & SPEAK mentor

BSc (Hons) Physics

Anson has a background in physics and is interested in the impacts of AI on scientific research and existential risks. He is also interested in improving the landscape of science research, policy and education. He currently runs discussions for the SPEAK fellowship, and helped design this website. In his spare time, he enjoys reading and learning languages. 

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