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EA St Andrews aims to help students figure out how they can use their careers and resources to best help others.

Based at the University of St Andrews, we organise events, run educational fellowships, and provide personal career support to people aiming to have the highest possible impact.

If you are arriving in St Andrews and are already familiar with EA, please get in contact with us here.

 Otherwise, find out more below!

What is Effective Altruism?


Effective altruism is a research field and practical community  that aims to find the best ways to help others, and put them into practice.

Thinking carefully about the best ways to do good can increase one's positive impact to tackle global challenges significantly.

There are many great resources exploring the many aspects of Effective Altruism. We recommend:

Get in contact

If you want to learn more about Effective Altruism, what we do in St Andrews, and how to can get involved, please reach out. Even if you have never heard about Effective Altruism before, do not hesitate! 

Stay in the loop

Find out about social events, programmes we run, and any other updates on our group activity by following our social media accounts!

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Get involved!

We run multiple projects for which you are more than welcome to apply!

These include the EA introduction discussion programme, the book club, and co-working.

Feel free to explore the information to decide how you want to get involved.

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